Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Pretty Town Party

The Uglies and the New Pretties party it up together... Completely unheard of! Can you tell who is who?
We had to recruit a boy to play 6 man bingo, and then we shared our plum cobbler, peach cobbler, cookies, breadsticks, of course the root beer.
Libby had to change a diaper for losing at spoons! ( I bet that was weird for her...hee hee hee)
Katrina had to run around the house outside with a can of juice concentrate down her shirt!
Jen had to pick up Heber for losing at spoons... good luck with that one!
Our Spoon game where we were trying not to spell PIG!
The unpregnant team lost the beer pong game and had to kiss poor Heber.

We had a fantastic book club at Libby's house this month. She planned a kegger style party with drinking involved... Homemade Root Beer that is. It was so fun we were giggling the whole time.

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