Saturday, January 31, 2009


So here we tell all about the books we had read. It was  very exciting everyone's presentation on how they depicted the books.  We even had some spies among us and there definitely was Dancing. 

The Chef and Hostess

Briony put so much thought and work behind preparing this most Delicious meal. We emailed, chatted, planned, toiled and slaved over the meal.

The Ladies of the Evening!

These are the most beautiful ladies, in their fine, ornate dresses and teased curls. May they forever remind you of a dream you once had,  memory long cherished. What Graceful Damsels they were to behold, what knowledge they did hold oh how they could have danced in the soft light forever.

Our Meal

Beauty Night

This was by far an elaborate endeavor that we all still love to talk about. Many thanks go out to Briony for the absolutely fabulous Five course Dinner we had. We all dressed up to the Nines and there are lots of pictures. After the dinner while we had the tea we talked about the ending and how we all felt mutual about it being a little rushed. We just wanted more details, right girls? Thank you Sara R. for the amazing Decorating and to all of you who came. It was a royal engagement to remember.


Our Gothic Mystery Romance. Hosted at Emily's House we watched a lot of the black and white Alfred Hitchcock movie and listened to an old abridged radio show of it(remember the smoking Commercials) Then we talked about how the ending of the movie differed from the book. Emily had Tea and biscuits for us and the chit chat was great. It was fun to see everyone get excited at the dramatic points. Hee hee.

Thousands of Days

Sorry no pictures on this one but I know I dressed up like Dashti the main, only because I had just finished the dress and wanted to wear it. (Crazy) We had it at my house and ate halloween M&M's and pomegranate 7up. We also watched the new Twilight Trailer to get everyone excited.

Twilight Night

This is Our First book Club Event. Sorry there is only one Picture. We talked about Breaking Dawn And the others in the series, as well as the up and coming movie. We had "the food that Edward ate as well as bloody cranberry juice and water for the werewolves I believe. It was a lot of fun. A lot of us got to know the others for the first time and I think some of us stayed until the wee hours. Anyways good times.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome To the Brand New Book Club Blog. Here we will feature our current selections, keep track of events and post all our fun adventures for everyone to enjoy.