Monday, December 21, 2009

More Christmas feast...and December's Books!

This was the Delicious Plum Pudding that Libbie brought and the Bouche du noel that Libbie finely crafted into amazing christmas Art. She should get a prize for that one. We exchanged books this year like we did last year and these are the fun titles we are all reading now. We also discussed and decided together what six of next years books are going to be. It is sure to be a learning and growing year and I hope to continue it with all of you. This book club means so much to me and I love spending every minute with you guys and I hope years down the road we can look back and well...laugh, but appreciate the friendships we have shared together. Merry Christmas and as always Happy reading!

Christmas Dinner by Candlelight!

So our christmas Dinner this year was held at my house! Jen and Amanda helped with the decorating( thank you so much), and Briony, Libbie, and Jen helped prepare the delicious dinner we had. The Book we discussed was The Hunger Games. I liked the book because it had so many dimensions and was such a great adventure that seemed to cover everything. From Danger to intrigue, Love and survival! I personally have to say that I liked this book better than Twilight in a sense that I connected with the main character way better. I also read the second book which we tried not to discuss so as not to spoil it for those who hadn't, and loved it just as much.