Saturday, March 7, 2009

Party of Spies

This book club everyone was Recruited to a top security mission and given code names, ex. Agent Pocahontas with a top secret message they were supposed to follow. When completing the first assignment they were then required to proceed to the next location where they were given another message, this time to decode. After finding the next clue they then had to figure out who their contacts were and their teams. The team was then supposed to uncover the Double agent working against them. It was quite the espionage game and might I had many of you have the means and talent to really make a living out of this. Libby was our winner for the highest score in the memory test and Mandee wins the " put together a gun blindfolded while everyone else is freaking out about a spider" contest. It was quite eventful. Mandee also found the package secretly hidden for her. Good Job Agent Koala you have been officially recruited as our top spy. Thank you so much to all who came.  It was a really awesome night. 
Special thanks to Briony and Mandee for helping to put the game together and hosting the night.

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